Heating Devices Verification Systems to Be Introduced in Russia

In cooperation with the National Constructors Union, the APHR is developing a Russian engineering equipment verification system. This system will protect the construction market from low-quality heating devices.

In discussion, Aleksey Busakhin, Deputy Chairperson of the National Constructors Union Committee noted that in 90% of the cases characteristics of engineering equipment declared in catalogues did not correspond to the actual features. The designer uses incorrect data, which undermines the project as early as at the stage of equipment selection.

«Then the project goes to the construction site where the customer asks to change this equipment to a cheaper option that is selected in another manufacturer’s catalogue that also contains a mistake, – Aleksey Busakhin points out. – As a result we get a system with wrong parameters, which can lead to unpredictable consequences in operating the buildings».

The National Constructors Union believes that this problem can be solved by introducing a system to verify engineering systems equipment of buildings and constructions. Contemporary European systems, such as TÜV and EUROVENT, are not meant for the Russian climate, so it was decided to develop a Russian system of engineering equipment verification. Subject to verification will be heating devices, air curtains, ventilation aggregates, air diffusers, etc.

The APHR is actively cooperating with NOSTROY in developing the heating equipment verification system.

Aleksey Busakhin warns that this system will not “block” European equipment: «This will not block quality equipment manufacturers, but it will block those who produce low-quality devices. Competition must be fair».