Public Chamber Discusses How to Protect People from Unsafe Radiators

On December 15, 2015, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held hearings on “Protecting Consumers from Low-Quality and Unsafe Heating Devices”. The key idea was voiced by the senator Sergey Shatirov: “If the market is governed by clear and equal to all rules the consumers will only benefit from it”.

It was proposed to control compliance between the declared and the actual parameters of heating devices, the key ones being heat irradiation and durability.

As a result of the hearings and the preliminary assessment of the quality of heating devices currently present on the Russian market, a number of recommendations were developed and forwarded to the relevant state agencies. Implementing these recommendations will allow guarding people from unsafe radiators, and manufacturers – from dishonest competition.

The APHR CEO Aleksandr Kvashnin: «It does not matter where radiators were produced – in Russia, China or Europe. But of utmost importance is whether they are safe for consumers and if they bear correct valid data about their consumer properties». According to the APHR creating honest, competitive and clear conditions on the heating systems market is a topic of interest for all the parties – consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors».